The probability group offers a number of postdoctoral positions each year. Funding for these typically comes from competitive postdoctoral fellowships offered by the Technion, from individual research grants of members of the group, or a combination of both. Typically post-doctoral scholarships range from $30,000 to $43,000 per year and carry no teaching duties. In some cases, compensation for performing additional teaching duties may be arranged. Note that scholarship income is not taxed in Israel and this may apply to non-residents through tax treaties. Also, the cost of living in Haifa is comparatively low. For example, the rental of a one/two bedroom apartment in Haifa costs around $500-$800. For general information about doing a postdoc at the Technion, visit the Technion International School .


The application for post-doc positions starting October 2022 is now open. Apply via 


Current Postdoctoral Fellows

Name Years Hosts
Jieliang Hong 2021 – present Mytnik
Maximilian Fels 2021 – present  Louidor
Sarai Hernandez-Torres 2020 – present Procaccia, Rosenthal
Efe Onaran
2020-present Bobrowski
Clayton Barnes 2019 – present Mytnik
Zhenyao Sun 2019 – present Mytnik
Chanwoo Oh 2020 – present Procaccia, Louidor
Hugo Panzo 2019 – present Atar, Pinsky  
Eyal Castiel 2020 – 2022 Atar
Prasenjit Karmakar 2019 – 2022 Atar


Past Postdoctoral Fellows (Since 2002)

  Name   Year   Hosts
  Kai-Nan Xiang   2002-2003   Adler, Mytnik
  Yves Rozenholc   2002-2003   Ioffe
  Jose Villa Morales   2004-2005   Mytnik
  Genady Shaikhet   2007-2008   Ioffe, Mandelbaum
  Alessandra Bianchi   2008-2009   Ioffe
  Yair Shaki   2008-2010   Atar, Shwartz
  Sreekar Vadlamani   2009-2010   Adler, Ioffe
  Nikolas Crawford   2009-2011   Ioffe
  Elina Moldavskaya   2010-2012   Adler
  Anindya Goswami   2010-2011   Atar, Shwartz
  Alexander Walsh   2011-2012   Kaspi
  Anup Biswas   2011-2013   Atar
  Anna Levit   2011-2012   Ioffe
  Yogeshwaran Dhandapani   2011-2014   Adler
  Michael Lesnick   Summer 2012   Adler
  Oren Louidor   2012-2013   Ioffe
  Anthea Monod   2012-2014   Adler
  Takashi Owada   2013-present   Adler
  Antonio Rieser   2013-present   Adler
  Asaf Cohen   2013-2014   Atar
  Nicholas Travers   2013-2015   Pinsky
  Patric Karl Gloede   2013-2016   Mytnik
  Oleg Butkovsky   2013-20   Kaspi, Mytnik
  Adela Svejda   2013-2014   Ioffe, Louidor
  Jesse Goodman   2013-2014   Crawford, Ioffe
  Paul Balanca   2014-2016   Mytnik
  Zhenghua Long   2015-2016   Kaspi
  Nikos Dafnis   2015-2016   Milman
  Aser Cortines   2015-2016   Ioffe, Louidor
  Dominic Yeo   2016 – 2019   Mynik, Louidor
  David Lipshutz   2017 – 2019   Atar, Kaspi
  Orli Herscovici   2018 – 2020   Pinsky
  Lukas Wresch   2018 – 2019   Mytnik
  Kartick Adhikari   2018 – 2021   Bobrowski, Rosenthal
  Latif Eliaz   2018 – 2020   Band, Rosenthal
  Stephan Gufler   2018 – 2021   Louidor, Mytnik