The group in Probability and Stochastic Processes at the Technion spreads over three faculties: Electrical Engineering (EE), Industrial Engineering and Management (IE&M) and Mathematics (M). The group includes more than 10 full-time faculty members, short/long-term visitors as well as post-doctoral fellows and graduate students.  We are the largest and oldest (more than 50 years now) in Israel!


The Probability group runs a weekly seminar and each year it offers a number of graduate courses from basic to advanced levels. 
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October 2020. Untimely passing away of Prof. Dmitry Ioffe.
Our beloved group member Prof. Dmitry Ioffe passed away in October 2020. Dima was a most kind-hearted, conscientious, brilliant, and original person. He will be missed dearly. Dima’s departmental obituary page.