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The group in Probability and Stochastic Processes at the Technion spreads over three faculties: Electrical Engineering (EE), Industrial Engineering and Management (IE&M) and Mathematics (M).

Research interests of the group cover diverse areas of Probability Theory and its Applications including (but not restricted to)

  1. Random fields, Gaussian processes and stochastic geometry
  2. Topology of random systems, topological data analysis
  3. Stochastic partial differential equations
  4. Random structures in combinatorics and statistical mechanics
  5. Statistical mechanics and random media
  6. Markov processes
  7. Queuing theory
  8. Large deviations
  9. Stochastic control
  10. Stochastic analysis and Malliavin calculus in Wiener space
  11. Measure-valued processes and interacting particle systems
  12. Random permutations and random walks on groups
  13. Markov decision processes, game theory
  14. Coagulation-fragmentation processes


The Probability group runs a weekly seminar and each year it offers a number of graduate courses from basic to advanced levels.
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The group offers a variety of Graduate (PhD) opportunities for overseas and domestic students as well several Post-Doctoral positions for recent PhD graduates.

The positions range from short-term visits to full scale graduate programs for students and full scale employment for postdocs.

Prospective candidates are invited to browse through pages of this site and then to directly contact members of the probability group in their areas of interest, either as potential supervisors or collaborators.