Information for prospective full-time graduate students may be found on the Technion's Graduate School website and on the Technion's International School website.

The requirements for MSc and PhD degrees vary slightly between the different faculties. Typically, one needs to accumulate about 20 credit points for MSc (6-8 courses) and about 10 credit points for PhD (3-4 courses) over the course of one's studies. In both cases a research proposal must be submitted by the first year, and it is advisable to find a MSc adviser and necessary to find a PhD adviser before starting the degree. Thus prospective candidates are encouraged to contact relevant members of the group before applying. It is also common that a successful graduate student receives a fellowship and is provided with on-campus accommodations.

Apart from the full-time option, graduate students are invited to participate in the research activities of the probability group in one of the two following ways:


  1. In the framework of the dual-doctorate agreements.
  2. As visiting research students. In this case funding is normally provided via individual research grants of the group members, who should be contacted accordingly.


Current research projects which support visiting graduate students include:

  1. Stochastic Geometry of Quantum Spin Systems (Ioffe)
  2. Stretched Polymers in Random Environment, Fluctuations of Low-Dimensional Interfaces (Ioffe)
  3. Metastability and Phase Segregation (Ioffe)
  4. The Algebraic Topology of Random Fields and its Applications (Adler)
  5. Logarithmically correlated fields and their applications (Louidor)