We offer a wide range of graduate level basic probability and stochastic processes courses which together form a comprehensive basis for advanced study in probability. These are augmented, yearly, by advanced special topic courses.


Fall 2016/2017

  • Random interface models - Louidor.
  • Hydrodynamic limits  - Crawford.
  • Universality of exit times for random walks - Wacthel. First 3/6 lectures: (B=Bloomfield, C=Cooper - both in IE&M)
    • Tuesday, 22nd of November: C-215 14:30-15:30 (one hour for the first introductory lecture).
    • Tuesday, 29th of November: B-152  14:30-16:30 (two hours)
    • Tuesday, 6th of December: B-152  14:30-16:30 (two hours) 
    • Tuesday, 10th of January: B-152  14:30-16:30 (two hours) 
    • Sunday, 22nd of January: B-152  14:30-16:30 (two hours) 


Selection of courses from previous semesters